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Looking for Work/Projects (Die Casting)

Question asked by Selamat Djingga on Nov 9, 2015

Hello there,

I am looking for short term/long term projects. I am located in Minnesota, and run a single individual company. My background is high pressure die casting and I primarily do CAD modeling (not limited) for die casting purpose. Some of the services I provides are:

* Part modeling (2D/sketches to 3D conversion)

* Design consultation (specifically for high pressure die casting)

* Part modeling for die casting (tooling ready)

* Runner/gating design with flow simulation, including process.

* Core/cavity design

My current customers are mainly mold builders and die casters.

I use SolidWorks for my CAD modeling purpose, and EKK for mold flow simulation.I operate remotely from Minnesota, and use gotomeeting often for meeting purpose.


If you think I can offer you my service, please contact me at




Mat D.