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How to modify a part's quantity in an assembly without changing the library part?

Question asked by George Karabelas on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by Ed Cyganik

The goal of this assembly is to produce a complete BOM with every part listed for the job so I know what to order.  Say for instance the assembly calls for 250 identical ferrules.  The placement and geometry of all of these ferrules doesn't matter because of how small they are, I just need them to show up on the assembly BOM.  Placing 250 instances of the part is much too time consuming and out of the question.  I can change the properties of the ferrule library part to include a quantity and link this to the BOM, but then every time I use the library part in another assembly it will have the same quantity.  Manually changing the quantity in the assembly BOM doesn't work because then the link is severed to the part and the quantity changes don't appear on the drawing.  The solution I found was to create a linear component pattern for the part in the assembly and hide the patterned features.  This works for me because it keeps the properties of the library part the same while allowing me to have the correct quantity in the BOM (with only showing one instance of the part in the assembly).  Is there any easier way to do this that I am missing?  My thought is that all of these hidden linear component patterns in the assembly will really clutter the assembly causing it to run slowly.  Please respond with any solution that has worked for you or if you think the linear component pattern solution in each assembly is the way to go.  Thanks!!