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Parametering a part

Question asked by Romain Lussier on Nov 10, 2015

My goal is to make a fully parametric Ice Hockey Blade, and being able to generate one based on the parameters.


I found this excellent project made by the Solidworks Social team: SolidWorks Part Reviewer: Hockey Stick | MySolidWorks . It is very well documented  where


My goal is to just start from a simple hockey blade and instead of designing many iterations of different blades, I'd like to find a way to make it completely based on the variables you usually find:


  • The Blade parameters I would like to implement are:
    • lie (angle between shaft & blade)
    • openness (angle between blade and ice)
    • curve
    • curve position (heel/mid/toe)
    • blade rocker (roundness of bottom edge)
    • rounded/squared toe
    • standard/tapered shaft mounting
    • Left/Right


In the Solidworks Social Team project, I thought that the lie was parametric as it was very well defined but turned out to provoke errors.


Given that I have little experience(~1 week in total hrs), what would you suggest me to do in order to accomplish this? 


Thank you so much!