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trapezium shaped box - newbee having a hard time

Question asked by Maurits De Wolff on Nov 9, 2015
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I'm trying to create a trapezium shaped steel vessel. In order to accomplish that Google was my best friend today. But that didn't pay of.


With the SW-line tool I would draw a triangle in 3D, extrude that triangle sideways into some kind of on/offramp like shape. Both triangle (vertical) sides have to tilt inward by 70 degrees. That's what would get me the tapezium shape I want.


I now have a temporary plate from which I erected 2 new planes on either side both going up at 70 degrees. Supposedly I can draw my triangles on those planes and somehow connect them to form the box I want. I can manage to put a triangle on one plane. But I can't get it on the other plane. I rotate the structure and activate the other plane by clicking on it. But I keep drawing on the first plane. What do I keep doing wrong? And is there a smarter way to accomplish this project? to add the file


I will try to attach the SW Part Document


Thanks a lot for any help!



Edit: uploaded the file