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Photoworks images in drawings

Discussion created by James Smith on Sep 27, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2007 by Carmelo Treviso
Is there anyway to have a photoworks image placed into a drawing sheet ?

If you assign photoworks colous to a model, and have the options box to show photoworks colours in solidworks when you insert the shaded view into a drawing it appears dark.

Does this mean i have to colour the part both for photoworks (if i want a photorealistic image) and with solidworks colours if i want to insert a fairly accurate coloured representation of the model in a drawing sheet ?

Does anyone know of another way to get a photoworks image into a drawing sheet ?

How do other people get around this problem ? Say you have a car engine with 100 parts, detailed in drawing sheets with shaded images. If you want a photorealisic image do you have to re-colour all the 100 parts to get the realistic image ? I understand photoworks can calculate light rays and all that and so is a 'different' package but whats the point in real view then ? Why cant real view and photoworks work in harmony ?

Its nice to have photoworks to produce flashy images, but if you have to colour the parts one way to get manufacturing drawings, then another way to get brochure drawings it seems to me to bit of a ball ache.

To summarise, the main question i want to know is can i get photoworks images into drawing sheets ??!