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Can a SW .prt file be attached to an image file in the Vault

Question asked by Greg Van Arsdale on Sep 27, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2007 by Greg Van Arsdale
When I try to make the attachment, the SW .prt file is greyed out.

Any one out there have any experience with this.

I know it seems odd, so I'll explain.

I have a .jpg source document that is a printed "assembly instruction sheet" which is included in a kit for the customner.

In a SW part file, I extrude a thin sheet of paper, and place the jpg image in the sketch as a sketch picture.

This way, I have a part to place in the "kit" assembly file, in order to make my BOM native and accurate.

But in the vault, I want my users to open the .jpg file, not the SW part.

In this oddball case, the jpg file is truely the parent, and the SW part file is the child.

I want to structure the files in the vault that way, if it is possible.

Anybody ? Solidworks ? "Can I get a witness ?"