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Capturing mass property of sub assembly

Question asked by Rhea Kelly on Nov 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Garret Hansen

Hi all,


I have an assembly of a roller ('R01")  that is made up of both parts and a sub assembly component and I'm trying to create a custom property in the assembly for the rotational mass of the roller -


  • mass of a single part (shell) + [sub assembly (housing) *2]


So far I have created a mass custom properties in both the part ("SW-Mass@Shell.SLDPRT") and sub assembly ("SW-Mass@Housing_Assembly.SLDASM") and have managed to pull these into the custom properties of the main assembly.


I am running into an issue with the sub assembly mass, I have no problem linking the input the value/text expression to  ("SW-Mass@Housing_Assembly.SLDASM")  however when I reopen the custom property dialogue box it is changed itself to the mass of the main roller assembly "SW-Mass@R01.SLDASM".


Mass@Housing_Assembly 1.png

Mass@Housing_Assembly 2.png


It looks like Solidworks is having an issue with having two mass properties based upon assembly files, has anyone else come across this?