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Dimensions of Relative Extrusions

Question asked by Spencer Fretwell on Nov 8, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by Glenn Schroeder

Does Solidworks create dimensions for extrusions relative to geometry (rather than using a value)?


I.E. I have a body extruded from one plane to another:

Step 1.PNG

I need to extrude cut the body so I have two square beams on either side of the oval shape in the middle:

Step 2.PNG

If I go into the Equations, Global Variables, and Dimensions window, I cannot use "D1@Boss-Extrude 6" because the dimension is relative to the two planes....

Step 3.PNGStep 4.PNG


I know there are a few ways to accomplish the same thing, so I don't really need suggestions on how to get what I want (as evidenced by picture 2), but why wouldn't such a feature be possible?