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How do I get my Context Bar to function

Question asked by Richard Carlstedt on Nov 8, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by Glenn Schroeder

I posted this earlier

How do I add Icons to my "Context Bar" ?

And I am still having major problems.

When you right of left click on a sketch, the context bar should come up allowing you to edit the sketch.

Mine does not do that, I only have three icons, Hide/view, Normal to, and some other. NO Edit Sketch , or Edit Feature.

Also the Customize feature does not work within the box.

When I first posted this  a few weeks ago , Deepak suggested that I edit the registry and have the SW beboot and rewrite

the Registry entry. I did that and the normal icons occurred .....but for only a short while ...then it reverted to the above.

I have gone into the registry several times in order to get the Context bar back to normal and it worked for a few minutes.

Now, even If I redo the registry entry the context bar will not correct itself.

I tried putting "Edit Sketch" in the keyboard shortcuts, and even though the table shows the key strokes, they do NOT function.


So basically I cannot edit sketches .

I have to erase and redraw them, and as a result I cannot do my home work at home on the 2014-15  Student version, but only at school.

My Computer at home is a new PC station with Win 7 and a 27 inch monitor  and lots of Ram


Thank You for any help, my SW program is worthless right now




Photo of screen at