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Discussion created by Mark Fischer on Sep 27, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2007 by Brian Hoerner
One of my coworkers upgraded to SW2008, I'm wonering if I should wait.
We do alot of sheel metal parts.
When we make a base flange and use the bend allowance table that we created,
The bend table comes up on the screen goes through it's process then closes.
After this the screen and all the graphics are fragmented including the toolbars etc. etc. SW2007 did not do this.
If you minimize SW08 and them maximize again it's fine
His Machine is Dell 390 Duel Core 2400 mghz 2 gig ram w/ Quadro 1500.
Installed the SW2008 driver off the SW web site, no change, tried the latest driver off the Nvidia web site, no change
Is there and option to check off that will stop the bend allowence from popping up,
we don't need to see it.
Or is there something else we should do.
Is this a video card issue or driver issue??