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Stop re-creation of toolbox parts and configurations

Question asked by Andrew Hallas on Sep 27, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2007 by Andrew Hallas

We use toolbox to generate our standard parts that we save into our PDM system and have done so since SW2003. In the past we have generated the configurations for a particular part using Toolbox and then saved a copy of the part file to another location under our own base part number and have then generated an design table to fill in our custom properties which has worked great for us.

With Toolbox 2007 being able to re-generate missing configurations this causes major pain for us as any new standard parts that we have generated from Toolbox and saved out under our part numbers are not referenced properly and toolbox then wants to regenerate its own new parts. PITA

Does anyone know how to stop toolbox re-generating these parts and configurations? With toolbox working like this now it has become completely useless for our purposes.