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    how to use the ViewDispRefPoints api

    Derek Eldridge

      I'm just a user, not a developer. My visual basic understanding is minimal, but i've been able to use examples to create a few macros.

      I'm trying to create a macro to turn off all of the View references. I DO NOT want to use the Hide all Types toggle. It aggravates me to go back to View/Hide all Types, then turn off all the individuals that i still don't want.

      I used the "SetUserPreferenceToggle" to set all of the following:

           HideAll = False

           Planes = False

           Axes = False

           COORDINATE_SYSTEMS = False

           POINTS = False

           Curves = False

           SKETCH_DIMENSIONS_3D = False

           ALL_ANNOTATIONS = False

           SKETCHES = False

           LIVE_SECTION_PLANES = False

           ROUTING_POINTS = False


      This is what i have so far:

      Sub main()


          Dim swApp                       As SldWorks.SldWorks

          Dim swModel                     As SldWorks.ModelDoc

          Dim Output                      As Boolean

          Dim HideAll                     As Boolean

          Dim Planes                      As Boolean

          Dim Axes                        As Boolean

          Dim COORDINATE_SYSTEMS          As Boolean

          Dim POINTS                      As Boolean

          Dim Curves                      As Boolean

      '    Dim PARTING_LINES               As Boolean

          Dim SKETCH_DIMENSIONS_3D        As Boolean

          Dim ALL_ANNOTATIONS             As Boolean

          Dim SKETCHES                    As Boolean

          Dim LIVE_SECTION_PLANES         As Boolean

          Dim ROUTING_POINTS              As Boolean

      '    Dim CENTER_OF_MASS              As Boolean


           HideAll = False

           Planes = False

           Axes = False

           COORDINATE_SYSTEMS = False

           POINTS = False

           Curves = False

      '     PARTING_LINES = False

           SKETCH_DIMENSIONS_3D = False

           ALL_ANNOTATIONS = False

           SKETCHES = False

           LIVE_SECTION_PLANES = False

           ROUTING_POINTS = False

      '     CENTER_OF_MASS = False

          ViewDispRefPoints = False


          Set swApp = Application.SldWorks

          Set swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc


          Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swViewDisplayHideAllTypes, HideAll): Debug.Assert Output

          Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swDisplayPlanes, Planes): Debug.Assert Output

          Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swDisplayAxes, Axes): Debug.Assert Output

          Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swDisplayTemporaryAxes, Axes): Debug.Assert Output

          Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swDisplayCoordSystems, COORDINATE_SYSTEMS): Debug.Assert Output

          Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swDisplayReferencePoints, POINTS): Debug.Assert Output

          Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swDisplayCurves, Curves): Debug.Assert Output

      '    Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swDisplayPartingLines, PARTING_LINES): Debug.Assert Output

          Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swDisplaySketches, SKETCH_DIMENSIONS_3D): Debug.Assert Output

          Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swDisplayAllAnnotations, ALL_ANNOTATIONS): Debug.Assert Output

          Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swDisplaySketches, SKETCHES): Debug.Assert Output

          Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swDisplayLiveSections, LIVE_SECTION_PLANES): Debug.Assert Output

          Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swDisplayRoutePoints, ROUTING_POINTS): Debug.Assert Output

      '    Output = swModel.SetUserPreferenceToggle(swDisplayCenterOfMass, CENTER_OF_MASS): Debug.Assert Output


      End Sub


      There are still quite a bit of things left on the list that are not covered under the "SetUserPreferenceToggle", or that are and did not seem to work.


      View Origins

      View Points

      View Parting Lines

      View 3D Sketch Plane

      View Sketch Relations

      View Grid

      View Lights

      View Cameras

      View Decals

      View Dimension Names

      View Weld Beads

      View Center Of Mass


      I found that in particular View reference points is covered under "ViewDispRefPoints" and the API doc says it the following:

      Visual Basic (Declaration)
      Sub ViewDispRefPoints() 
      Visual Basic (Usage)
      Dim instance As IModelDoc2   instance.ViewDispRefPoints()

      Also under iModelDoc2 I found:







      But I don't understand how to use them. Does this mean it's a function? If someone could give me a sample of how to use it in context, I think it would help alot.


      The only sample i have is from another macro that uses the following:


      Dim swApp As Object

      Dim Part As Object

      Sub main()

      Set swApp = Application.SldWorks

      Set Part = swApp.ActiveDoc


      End Sub


      Are those DIMs essentially building a path so the final command like this: