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    Getting something fixed?

    James Pare

      I just want to throw this out there for all the users that work at companies that face deadlines & work on hot projects every day & need SWX to work


      I find SWX very slow to deal with any type of major or minor issue, I submit my issues to my VAR, but this doesn't solve my issue any time soon - from here I get a ticket #

      The urgency of doing things at a real day to day business is lost in the software world, people need answers right away - If something doesn't work, I need it fixed ASAP

      Projects are being done daily not over years, We don't have 3 months to wait for the next service pack to then find out your issue still isn't addressed


      If my customer calls & has an issue with the product we supplied & it simply doesn't work, we look into the issues right away & try to solve it immediately or the least try & give him some type of work around - I can't tell them here's a ticket #, maybe we will fix it in the next 3 months, but it could be 6 months or 12 or maybe we will never fix it


      You can show them something that just doesn't work but it's filed off with all the other bugs they are working on

      My guess is I’ll be lucky to have my latest issues addressed by SWX 2018



      I am still trying to get multiple issues /  bugs fixed from years past; there is no urgency on their end


      Anyone else there feel the pain or is just me?



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          James Pare

          Must be just me?

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              Fraser Port

              Yep I know what you're saying.


              I guess most of us in your situations feel your pain on a regular basis and become like a lone voice crying in the wilderness.

              At the end of the day its us the end user who has to get the job out the door instead of waiting for 6 months for a fix so usually find some sort of lame workaround.


              I do remember receiving odd emails from Solidworks saying an SPR or something like it has been fixed - which by then Id forgotten what it even was.

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                  James Pare


                  I agree, I thin that enhancements should be more of a back burner item, but once something is found that just doesn't work that should be pushed to the front of the line & have people working on it right away


                  Things do get fixed, bit I have never seen anything get fixed in an appropriate time


                  I wish their was a public list of items that need to be fixed & they showed the rank & what they are working on

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                  Timothy Taby

                  James, it's kind of amazing that you believe that the bugs you encounter are the only ones that matter and should take precedence.  Do you know how many issues get submitted each month?  I don't know either, but I imagine it's more than one or two.  I know at my company we have more projects to get done that we have people to work on them, so we prioritize them based on severity and need.  So while maybe your bug is important to you, I highly doubt it's the most important one out there that Solidworks has to direct their resources at.


                  If you don't like it then switch to using another software package, but as far as I know they all have the same issue.

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                      James Pare


                      First off the bugs I encounter are the most important to me, If you have an issue you are facing then maybe you should address it

                      Do you know how things get fixed??? By being vocal & pushing to get them addressed. Simply reporting SPR's doesn't get it done


                      Wow you have more projects then people, welcome to the real world

                      Did you not see my post that I acknowledged that their probably is a large list of issues that need to be addressed

                      Should there really be that many issues?


                      My issue is not just a function that just doesn't work, An add-on that we paid extra for that doesn't do what it's suppose to


                      How do we make this software the best, by offering criticism & not standing pat when we face major issues

                      I do not plan on going anywhere any time soon, I have invested many hours working with SWX & doing whatever I can to make it the best software


                      What have you done to improve SWX????

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                    Jakob Deslippe



                    You claim to be so busy that you have more projects to get done than you have people to do them, yet you find the time to search the SWX forums and make a comment like that? I know at my company we have invested time and money into this software and yet we encounter the same issues and nothing ever gets fixed. Kudos to James for speaking up and trying to make this software better. Maybe if you spent less time criticizing other people when they are trying to do good you would get some of those projects completed.


                    Keep up the great work James, I agree with you on many of your post's.

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                      James Pare

                      Some good news

                      Looks like I am getting some feedback on a recent issue thanks to my VAR (Javelin)


                      Still haven't pin point the issue, but we have people looking into it


                      The squeaky wheel gets the oil!

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                        James Pare


                        So my latest issue has been proven (MBD issue that limits when it will work)

                        SWX response is that if will be fixed in SP2


                        My response:

                        I’m not really excited with a possible fix 3 months from now!


                        As I already said before, the lack of urgency is disappointing to say the least

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                          James Pare

                          Getting something done seems to take forever

                          Huge issue with edrawings & it's going to take a year for a fix, really


                          What a joke - trying to get annotations fixed in edrawings

                          So this huge issue was identified back in MAY, with a formal SPR submitted

                          large designs with annotations take forever to load in edrawings


                          I was told SWX will see what they can do to fix this issue in possibly SP4 - 2016

                          Then i was told it's fixed in 2017 & they are trying to back fix it in 2016

                          So 2017 pre-release comes out & surprise surprise no fix in sight

                          So I inquire & what's going on?

                          Now they are saying it might be fixed in SP3 - April 2017

                          Are you kidding me!

                          Why am I paying for support again?

                          They build features that make designs unusable in edrawimgs & can't fix it for a year


                          How is this acceptable?

                          This would not fly in the real world I tell you, If I sold something to my customer & it doesn't work

                          I would not lead him along for 6 months then tell him maybe he will see a fix next year