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Getting something fixed?

Question asked by James Pare on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by James Pare

I just want to throw this out there for all the users that work at companies that face deadlines & work on hot projects every day & need SWX to work


I find SWX very slow to deal with any type of major or minor issue, I submit my issues to my VAR, but this doesn't solve my issue any time soon - from here I get a ticket #

The urgency of doing things at a real day to day business is lost in the software world, people need answers right away - If something doesn't work, I need it fixed ASAP

Projects are being done daily not over years, We don't have 3 months to wait for the next service pack to then find out your issue still isn't addressed


If my customer calls & has an issue with the product we supplied & it simply doesn't work, we look into the issues right away & try to solve it immediately or the least try & give him some type of work around - I can't tell them here's a ticket #, maybe we will fix it in the next 3 months, but it could be 6 months or 12 or maybe we will never fix it


You can show them something that just doesn't work but it's filed off with all the other bugs they are working on

My guess is I’ll be lucky to have my latest issues addressed by SWX 2018



I am still trying to get multiple issues /  bugs fixed from years past; there is no urgency on their end


Anyone else there feel the pain or is just me?