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    Timothy Green

      I have legacy files that are at various revision levels 1,2,3 and so on. I want to bring them into EPDM and after they are in the system is there a way for the workflow to increment the appropriate revision so that if it is currently rev5 it will go to rev6 with a change of state though the workflow. currently have tried and even thought the properties follow on the data card and it says rev6, when I put it through the workflow it goes back to rev0

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          Adrian Velazquez

          Yes this is possible but takes some work. You need to create one Transition for each increment of revision.


          Then on each transition specify the increment Count

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            Iftach Priel


            Just to make sure I understand - your legacy files have a "revision" custom property 1,2,3 and so on. You would like the local revision in EPDM to show the corresponding revision?

            If this is the case, first make sure you have a "revision" variable mapped into your datacard. Now, take a look at the workflow suggested here by Adrian Velazquez.  You can make all the transitions automatic, and add a condition to each of them. The condition will look at the "revision" variable,  and check if "text equal to" 1.2,3 and so on. For example, the condition to go through transition 003, will be that variable "revision" for the file is equal to 3. the condition for 004 will be that variable "revision" = 4, and so on.

            now, on the "revision number" tab in each transition use the coulomb "reset to" instead of "increment by", and add the corresponding revision number (in our example, reset to 3 for transition 003).

            by the way, you could skip the "MATCH REV" state and have your transitions go straight to the workflow link. just make sure that on the linked state, wherever it is, you have the "revision number" increment by 1 (it will not increment. just set revision, cause you have "reset to" in you transitions).

            Any file with a revision variable that you put through this workflow will automatically end up with a local revision set according to the variable revision.

            Hope this helps...