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Hide rows/levels for multibody part bodies in Indented BOM in assambly!

Question asked by Jānis Sinkēvičs on Nov 6, 2015

Hey SW users!


I have annoying problem, for which I can’t find a solution!


In my main assembly I have different sub-assemblies and parts about 7 levels deep. When I insert Indented BOM with detailed numbering all levels are expanded, but I need only to show one or two levels in BOM. In the beginning I went through whole BOM and closed levels I didn’t need. Now I have set-up my assemblies to “Hide” child components. But for multibody parts I still get expanded cut-lists, which I have to close manually. And I can’t expand some sub-assemblies in case I need it.


So, I have two questions:

  1. Does someone in SW community know how to hide child components (cut-list bodies) for parts? Similar to option in assemblies to hide child components!
  2. Second option would be macro to collapse indented BOM to first and second level! I imagine it to work as follows: select BOM -> run macro -> if needed, expand/collapse specific row manually -> Done!

I have created some simple macros, but this is beyond me. I would prefer to use Macro, because in this case I still retain full 7-level BOM and I can adjust it manually in specific areas.


Thanks for your time in advance!