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    Best-fitting 2 cube wireframes (a 3d sketch and a pointcloud dataset)

    W.B. Sam

      So I have a global optical tracker that tracks the motion of a certain system moving a trajectory the is shaped as a cube that is 500x500x500 in size (supposedly)


      The data collected are XYZ values and I imported them in SW. I also drew a 3D sketch in the same size and placed both items in an assembly.


      What is the best way to align them together so that I can see how much the actual motion deviates from the planned trajectory?





      If you zoom in on each of the corners you can see that there is a cluster of points due to the vibration of the motion system. If I just roughly create a sketch point in the middle of the cluster in each corner.








      I think can use the distance mate together with a global equation driven value to set it in such a way that every corner (the inserted point and the 3D sketch) has a equal distance. But the trouble is finding the optimal value to set within the equation menu. Is there an algorithm that can help with finding the optimum?