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Weldment Explode Issue After Changing Inserted Part

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Nov 5, 2015

I am using SW2014 SP5.


I believe I have found a bug with an exploded view in a weldment part. Perhaps this has been resolved in later versions of the software.


This has occurred with a couple of different but similar weldments so it appears to be consistent behavior.


I have a weldment with an inserted part - a nut that gets welded on. The inserted part is from our library (A McMaster downloaded file). An exploded configuration was added. Within the explode feature, the inserted nuts were moved in multiple steps. In one particular step, ONLY the inserted nuts were moved.


The weldment was saved and checked into WPDM along with its drawing.


A modification was required. A different type of weld nut was chosen. The previous inserted part was deleted and the new one inserted. The new part was not referenced in the explode feature. Editing the explode feature, I edit each step that the previous nuts were part of and add in the new nuts. All this works well UNTIL I edit the explode step that ONLY referenced the old nuts. The step shows the distance with no references (as expected). I can add the new nuts without issues. They move to the exploded position (as expected). I save the exploded feature and exit.


The problem is when I collapse the explode. Everything moves back to its original location EXCEPT the newly added nuts. They remain at the exploded location. They reposition themselves in the steps where other components were included. But the one step that included only the nuts remains exploded.


The fun part is that when I re-edit the explode feature, the explode step that references only the nuts is deleted. There appears to be no way to move them back.


Has anyone seen this type of behavior. If so, do you have a work around?






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