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    EPDM - Set state permissions by folder ?

    Chris B.

      In EPDM you can set permissions by State, and set permissions by Folder

      But how do you set different permissions for different States, depending on what Folder you're in?



      Machine shop should only see files in the "Released" state in the Products folder.

      But they also need to see WIP files in their SolidCAM folder, since that's where they work.


      How to make it so they can't see the WIP files in the Products folder?

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          Charley Saint

          Hey Chris,


          This would be a good excuse to use the "Show working versions" folder permission. Basically you'd turn that off for the products folder for the machine shop group and turn it on for SolidCAM. Then you'd need to give them read rights to WIP and released. That's all assuming you're rev'ing the file when it gets to released because the show working versions permission is based on the revisioning functionality.

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            Jason Capriotti

            Are they moving files to different folders to work on them? We have a 'Products' folder and a 'Projects' folder. Files will generally move to 'Products' when it gets ready to release but after that it stays there even through future engineering change orders.


            We have two workflows.....a project 'conceptual' workflow with a workflow link to the 'Products' workflow when its ready to go to production. Future engineering changes occur in the 'Products' workflow where most people only see the 'Release' state.....none of the WIP states.