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    dinamic mirror

    Andrea Faenza

      Hello everybody!
      I have a stupid question. I have Solidworks 2014 and can't find the button about "dinamic mirror" in the sketch tab.


      anyone can help me please?


      Please find enclosed a printscreen of my sketch tab


      Andrea Faenza

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Hello Andrea,


          You can get to it from the Sketch Tools.



          You can add it to your Command Manager if you want.  Right-click at the top of your monitor on a blank space beside the Command Manager to get the drop-down of available toolbars.  Click on "Customize..." to bring up the Customize dialog box.  Go to the Commands tab, then Sketch, and drag the Dynamic Mirror Entities icon onto your Sketch Command Manager.



          You can also assign it to a keyboard shortcut or mouse gesture if you want.

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            Andrea Faenza

            thank you so much, sorry if the enquiry was too stupid for you