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PDMWorks Stand Alone

Discussion created by Andre B. on Sep 26, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2007 by J Garon
I am employed with a small company, We recently purchased 2 seatsof Solidworks (not pro or enterprise). However we were thinking ofgetting the pro or enterprise because we want to use the PDMfunctions. My question is whether or not I would need to purchasemore SW pro seats for all the people that would use the PDM? Isthere a PDM stand alone version or does it come exclusively withSolidworks? There are only 2 engineers here that need to makethe revisions to models, assemblies, etc. but we have several otherpeople that would benefit from other relevant information, such asrevision level, where used, etc. These other people would alsobenefit on being able to view the files from the vault. Can allthis be done without purchasing additional seats of SW?