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edrawings 2016  SP0.1 issues

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Nov 5, 2015

First the good news.

Gone is indeed the out of kilter screen. So yes, the screen pops up where you left it last. Yay !

They have brought back the tabs so you can not only see what else you have open but can easily switch between them and that all without having to second guess if you're about to close edrawings completely or just closing the present view. Double Yay ! I know several people personally that will be over the moon about that.


The bad.

Opening a SLDDRW may or may not cause a crash of Edrawings 2016.

Opening the same SLDDRW in Edrawings 2015 by the way gives no problem.


Opening a SLDASM in Edrawings2015 gives no issue but doing so in the 2016 variation might result in something like this:

which is mighty peculiar because if I following those directions and look at it I can see

reason being that in each and every of our templates it has always been set to it saving the tessellation with the part documents.


There is still a far larger latency (in order of magnitudes) when using Edrawings than using SW and this while using on the same computer.

One even can notice this with simple parts let alone when opening a decent sized ASM.

Even the difference in responds time between an EASM in edrawings and the ASM, that was used to create the EASM, in SW I have always found excruciating and it still is.

It truly makes me take pity to those that have to use edrawings. Especially considering that in general those that have to use Edrawings will have a far smaller, slower machine than us that work with SW.


In conclusion : is it an improvement compared to the 2015 version, yes it is. However there's still lots of room for further improvement.



It seems that my version of Edrawings 2016 SP0.1 has developed a little problem. What you see is what I get at the moment when starting a session of Edrawings.

The solution was to reboot it one more time and

selecting "maximise", after which all was normal again or do I thought at least.

If you can of course because I was only able to do that on my second screen, on my main screen all I could see was

On top of that came the realization that even although Edrawings itself was taking up a full screen it didn't use it to show me the model on that size.

after re-maximizing one more time

still not right... one more time

hmm..... I really don't think this is supposed to be intended behaviour.

It's safe to say that the QA team have their work cut out.


Message was edited by me after running into several more issues.