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threads and smart components

Question asked by Mladen Pavlovic on Nov 4, 2015

I am trying to eradicate a nasty habit in my company. Often we have following situation.



As shown in image above, we have a pin that is screwed onto the plate. This is rather simplified model, but the size of the pin and its thread is defined by the hole going through it. Plate will be drilled through with tap drill and threaded to depth needed (no need to go completely through with threads). Unified threads are in question. In current set-up, drafters are preparing drawings for both parts separately. It happens that thread size and depths are not cross checked and parts come manufactured with incompatible threads. I want to avoid this and make it fool-proof. I wanted to create "smart" pin which will cut a hole in the plate automatically based on the size of its thread. I have no problems creating smart extrude cut, but that feature does not contain any information with it. There is also an option of having configurations on the plate with pre-configured  hole information, but i am trying to avoid this. There are plenty of variables on the plate, since it is a custom part on almost every job. And the problem of not checking drawings is not eliminated completely (though chance for it to happen is minimized). As we know, there is not that smart feature for external threads.


Is there a feature or a combination of features which can help me in this case? I am not good with macros and programming so it would have to be a combo of smart feature and excel design table.



thank you