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    drawing soft items on solidworks

    Francesco Dallorto

      Hi, i have a question, can i draw "soft" things on solidworks? I have to draw a pair of gloves, if yes, how can i draw it? is there a tutorial?

      thank you for answer

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          Jeff Holliday

          If you are just looking to get a model for general usage then the likely answer is "yes". If you are looking to make a model which can be unfolded to give manufacturing dimensions you may want to search for "ExactFlat" which is an addin (not cheap) to SW.


          If just trying the general use, I would suggest using surface modeling tools from SW. They can help you in getting "organic" shapes on which you can apply appearances.

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            Troy Starkey

            SolidWorks premium version now includes a surface flattening feature similar to ExactFlat.  Not sure if it's as powerful, but probably will work and probably cheaper (not knowing the actual cost of ExactFlat).


            SW Surfacing tools will get you pretty close to the form, but if you're new to surfacing it will take quite a bit of learning.  Alternatively, you could get the Power Surfacing add-in which would allow you to "sculpt" (push/pull style) a complex organic form like a hand much more easily and quickly.


            I you search online there are a lot of good SolidWorks surfacing tutorials.  Not sure if there is anything that is specifically a glove, but that shouldn't matter once you start understanding the skills and techniques of surfacing. If you go the Power Surfacing route, there are a bunch of good tutorials available on their website.