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Help Combining Macros

Question asked by Kevin Collins on Nov 4, 2015
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I need some help combining macros.  I downloaded a macro feature named run_macro_from_macro_feature (renamed to "Overall Dims" in my feature tree) to run the attached macro TestMacro2 which calculates the overall dimensions of a part and creates custom properties with the overall size.


I have a separate macro to move the "Overall Dims" feature to the bottom of the feature tree on rebuild so it will calculate the latest version of the part including all the new features.


I am struggling, as I am not very good at programming, to find a way to include this move to end functionality in my TestMacro2 feature.


Ideally when the part rebuilds it will move the Overall Dims macro to the end of the tree PRIOR to running the code to calculate the overall size of the part.


I have to rename the macro feature upon inserting it into a part to "Overall Dims" for the MovetoEnd macro to work.


Does anyone know where in my TestMacro2.swp I need to put the code from the MovetoEnd.swp to accomplish this?


Thanks All!