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Equation Editor not accepting any equations

Question asked by Dan Duval on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by Dan Duval

Hi, I am trying to learn how to use equations in the Equation Editor to assist in my part designs.


I am going through the lesson in Wiley's SolidWorks Bible 2013 on my 2014 SolidWorks Software with SP2.0 i believe.  I have found that my program will not accept any of my equation inputs.  I follow the directions in both the built in help feature and the lesson in the book and I cannot figure out my error.  Maybe there is a setting that I have checked or something, but Ive spent a couple hours trying to figure this out already.


For debug purposes I created a simple cylinder that has height = "Height" that gets renamed "Height@Boss-Extrude1" and diameter = "Diameter" renamed "Diameter@Sketch1".  I want the height/length of the cylinder to be twice the diameter.  so the equation on paper would read: Height = Diameter * 2.  To input this into the editor I do the following:


I open the "Equations, Global Variables, and Dimensions" window and it starts in "Equation View" Tab


I click "add equation" under the "Equations" tab, double click the Boss-Extrude1 to show the dimensions and Dimension Tittles, then I Click on the onscreen variable name in the Part window labeled "Height" which shows up in the Name Column of the equation editor


It immediately skips over to the Value/Equation field and begins with " = " and I click the diameter which shows up as  = " Diameter@Sketch1 " * 2

The green check mark shows up and I click it and it does nothing.  I am unable to edit any other field on the prompt and when I click ok I get the error "There is a syntax error in the active Equation. Do you want to exit the dialog?" if i click no i am back to where i started, if i click yes, it closes the prompt and erases my equation completely.


Am I missing some setting or not understanding format?  I have tried all sorts of simple math equations in the "value/equation" and nothing will allow me to accept the equation.