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Update Initial Animation State

Question asked by Willie Roelofs on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by Willie Roelofs

Hi all,


I've currently written a macro that does an animation render for each and every configuration the assembly contains.

- Before rendering the assebly gets a rebuild.

- Created a separate sub to do the rendering work.

- Created a function to wait untill the animation render is done.

- Used the function SaveToAvi(filename,outputtype) as animation render.


Each configuration has the exact same Animation (a simple rotate on the y-axis for 10 seconds), that was made by animation wizard.


Currently I can't open the macro, Solidworks crashes instantly without warning. I guess I have to retype is...


Anyway, I opened each an every image, and altough all images were rendered, all configuration except the first are off. Some parts are where they shouldn't be for instance. Also I created a floor plane driven by a design table. The assembly gets sometimes rendered with the wheels burried in the floor.


Every time I open a configuration I get a notification by Solidworks called "Update Initial Animation State". Saying: "Due to model changes, the following components or features cannot be set to their previously-specified locations or values at the start of the animation".

I always want to update the affected keys, but the checkbox [don't show again] isn't there.


Is there another way to always "Update Initial Animation State"? Could anyone help me?



Kind regards,

Willie Roelofs