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Who is manufacturing sheet metal parts with bends across bends?

Question asked by Frank Ruepp Employee on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by Bhavarth Sharaf

Hi All,


I am wondering how popular bends across bends are?  When I was talking to a customer recently I got the request that it should be possible to bend across bends.  Means that in the first step a sheet metal component is bent and in a second process the bent part gets bent again across the already existing bends:


Like in the picture above where there is an existing hem and the sheet metal part is bent across that existing hem.  (By the way you can model and flatten this example when you create a swept flange where the hem is sketched in the profile and this profile is swept along i.e. an L shaped path.)  Another use case would be that i.e. you use a 2 mm stock sheet, fold it over so that you get a 4 mm material thickness and bend the folded sheet in order to get a 4 mm sheet metal part (sorry about the mm;  unfortunately I am not a sheet metal gauge guy).


So can you please let me know if you use those manufacturing practices and if yes which bend parameters get applied?


Thank you in advance for your responses.


Kind regards


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