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    Sketch dimension font size

    Kevin De Smet

      I was wondering if there is a setting in Solidworks so that the Sketch dimension font size can scale with the model?

      As you can see from the second screenshot the font size becomes very small and difficult to read.

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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Kevin,

          See the option "Always display text at the same size" here:

          2015 SOLIDWORKS Help - Annotation Properties


          I hope this helps,


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            Ed Cyganik



               Another option that most people are not aware of is to set the text font size in "model" mode to be larger than what is required for drawings. Using this method, reading and working with dimensions in part, assembly and sketch modes can be less taxing on the eyes. Of course, font size for drawings must meet your drafting standard but text displayed in models can be different. This can be accomplished by simply creating a "Drafting Standard" for Modeling Mode.


            1. While in a part or assembly, go to Options - Document Properties and change your Annotation & Dimension font to something larger and easier to read.

            (EX: Arial Bold 16pt.)

            2. Save desired setting as a "drafting standard"

            (EX: MODELS_ONLY)

            3. Open all Part & Assembly Templates and load new drafting standard.

            4. For exiting parts & assemblies, just load the drafting standard as needed.


               Easy to set-up, easy on the eyes, no standards are violated and the users really appreciate it.


            As always, take it for what it is worth,

            it's just my 2¢,



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