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Equation driven sketch pattern, fails when number equals one

Question asked by Karl R. Pettersen on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by Scott Harvey



I've setup a sketch that linearly duplicates a couple of lines based on equations, but think of it as a single line dividing a sketched rectangle into x number of areas.

Using values 2 and up works fine. But using value 1, which should show only the original, kind of "suppressing" the linear pattern, ends up with the error "This equation evaluates to a value that lies outside the modeler resolution".


I have a feeling what is going on, why it would produce an error (linear array with no copies), but I'm curious if there are any workarounds?

This is sketch array, and it has to be. We already have a working "model" (using design table to drive and suppress parts of the feature tree), but would like to simplify things into just using a sketch.


DriveXpress may be considered later, just want to test the basics of it first.


Note that this is on SW2015, would SW2016 upgrade improve sketching possibilities related to this issue?