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Solidworks Simulation: no penetration question

Question asked by Gianni Nardoia on Oct 31, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by Gianni Nardoia

Hello everybody,

I'm involved in a load lifting by fork-lift problem. It's request to limit deformation of the load when lifted. Between loads and forks I have placed two "frames" in order to distribute load to forks. Anything in the solution is quite good but what is alarming is the graphic representation: Load deformation dosn't followes frame deformations as it's shown in the pics but one of the two loads penetrate both frames. Of course it's a scale effect...but even with a realistic scale the loads penetrate.


Just some information about model connections:

1) forks-frames: no penetration

2) frames-loads: no penetration (at first I modeled this contact as bounded but without any difference)


Is there anybody that can suggest what maybe happening?


ps: model is also attached.


Thank you.