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Who is using advanced selection in order to select components in the assembly

Question asked by Frank Ruepp Employee on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2015 by Peter De Vlieger

Hi All,


one of our oldest selection functionality is the Advanced Component Selection.


With the Advanced Component Selection you can set up queries that allow you to specifically select components that meet one or more criteria.

I.e. it is possible to set up a query to select all components with a volume smaller than a specific threshold.  In addition you can concatenate those queries with AND or OR operators.  "Select all components with a volume smaller than xxx mm^3 OR all components that have a custom property "standard component" and this property is set to 1."  You can save those queries and you can pass them around between different computers.  You can also name and add those queries to your selection tools.

Bottom line quite a lot of functionality in order to determine the desired components.


I would like to know who knows about the Advanced Component Selection and who is using it and which queries you are using.


Any input is highly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your responses.

Kind regards


Solidworks Product Definition Team