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search by variable

Question asked by tracy meranda on Sep 25, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2007 by Joy Garon
I am unable to perform a search by variable"vendor" in PDMWE.

For example, there is a SolidWorks part file that has vendorinformation entered in the "custom" tab of the summaryinformation (SolidWorks->File->Properties). When I use thePDMWE Search and search by variable "vendor"  forthis part file, I get no results. When I search by variable"description", I get many part files. Is there a problemwith the variable "vendor"?

Another part of the problem: The data card has a vendor variablefield on it, but the vendor name only appears on the card when apart file is checked out and saved (even if no changes were made).When searching by vendor, I am entering the vendor name andusing the comparison "text contains".