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Newbie question: Can't seem to get a tight fitting edge flange without self-intersection error

Question asked by Victor Anatjen on Oct 30, 2015
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I am still getting my bearings in working with Sheet metal. One thing I noticed is that I can't seem to create a tight edge flange that butts up perfectly in my model without causing errors.


Attached are some screenshots illustrating my problem.


in bend-material-outside.jpg you can see the edge flange set to material outside, and its obvious that this is introducing a fairly large gap in the model, which I want to avoid...


if I set my flange to material inside, I get the edge flange that I want, i.e. it is butting up perfectly but this causes a rebuild error in the model with solidworks complaining about self-intersection... This is for a large assembly and if I have the model set to material outside, it rebuilds without errors but the parts don't fit right because of this additional gap that solidworks introduces...


I am sure this is a simple issue but I can't seem to find a fix for it. Do I manually introduce a gap into the flange and play around? I obviously don't want an error in the model because that will cause production issues down the road but I also don't want to have this be manufactured with this additional gap in the side...


Any ideas?


Thank you!

- V