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    The @ configuration

    Andrew Deboer

      EPDM Client: 14.02.0714

      EPDM Build: 14.2 (B714)

      SW 2014 x64 SP3.0

      I'm still working on my company giving me access to the SW Customer Portal/Knowledge Base, so I don't know if these are existing bugs or if they've been fixed.


      But I'm trying to create a dispatch script that moves data from the @ tab to the current configuration on addition to the vault, but the behavior is wonky.


      If the @ configuration is hidden through EPDM display options, this prevents Dispatch from reading in ANY variables from the @ configuration.


      Also %CurrentConfig% never gets populated with any value despite being a preset variable listed in the help files. And setting a new variable with type "current config" under the set variables menu, fails to get a configuration as well.


      What gives?

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          Ales Svoboda

          Use Transition Action in Workflows. With function Set Variable you can do this - 2014 SOLIDWORKS PDM Help - Transition Action Dialog Box

          For copy Description property from custom property tab @ to "Default" configuration property tab don´t use %var_Description@MyConfig1% but %var_Description@@%.

          I hope this helps

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              Andrew Deboer

              Yea. The issue was two fold. I'm pretty sure the %CurrentConfig% is a bug with 2014, and also I was trying to use dispatch to accomplish something it couldn't, largely because my understanding of when variables/custom properties get mapped to cards and the DB was poor.


              Specifically, the Revision custom property used to map the EPDM revision is overwritten on the file with the DB value every time the file is checked in. So I was trying to move the Revision to a new property before comparing it to the EPDM DB through dispatch. I figured if I called it the first time before the rev is incremented it should set it first, but it gets set and overwritten immediately when it hits the vault before the initial state is even set.


              For moving all other properties, I did use the Transition Action>Set Variables. Though the downside is I can't use a dynamic configuration to move them to, which was made irrelevant by the %currentconfig% bug. Luckily, 99% of my legacy files have the default same configuration name.