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The @ configuration

Question asked by Andrew Deboer on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by Andrew Deboer

EPDM Client: 14.02.0714

EPDM Build: 14.2 (B714)

SW 2014 x64 SP3.0

I'm still working on my company giving me access to the SW Customer Portal/Knowledge Base, so I don't know if these are existing bugs or if they've been fixed.


But I'm trying to create a dispatch script that moves data from the @ tab to the current configuration on addition to the vault, but the behavior is wonky.


If the @ configuration is hidden through EPDM display options, this prevents Dispatch from reading in ANY variables from the @ configuration.


Also %CurrentConfig% never gets populated with any value despite being a preset variable listed in the help files. And setting a new variable with type "current config" under the set variables menu, fails to get a configuration as well.


What gives?