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Basic sketching UI questions

Question asked by Brendan Cannell on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by Jason Edelman

Hi, I'm justing getting started with SW 2015 and I have a couple questions:


1) Is there a way to step back when using a multi-step tool? For example, suppose I’m sketching a centerpoint arc. I select the center correctly, then I make a mistake selecting the first outer point. How do I back up one step to correct my mistake (without having to re-select the tool and the center like if I use Esc)?


2) Suppose I'm sketching a line. When I select the Line tool, the PropertyManager lets me select orientation and some other options. Once I place the first point it shows other things like Add Relations, though they’re greyed out. Once I place the second point those options are no longer greyed out, and I would like to go add a relation to the line I’ve just made, but as soon as I move the mouse it decides that I want to continue adding line segments. I can hit Esc, but then I have to go back and re-select the line to edit it. Is there a way to exit the Line tool after I’ve placed the second point so that my new line is selected and I can shift-select other entities, add relations and so forth straight away?


Thanks for your help.