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Useful STL Graphics for Academic Research

Discussion created by Marcus Czapla on Sep 20, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2007 by Matt Lombard
First and foremost let me state that this is an officiallysanctioned research project by Albany State UNiversity  firstand foremost. Any thing that comes out of this will hopefully havefar reaching and wide ranging effects. That being said,collaboration would not only be appreciated but incredibly helpful.I have read about everything that i could find here and stillalmost nothing helped. Here is the problem that you are allfamiliar with I am sure. We  are scanning into Slim with an Escanner from 3d Digital. This of course gives us a wonderful image after a bit of processing but nothing useful. I havetried many methods, lots of software, many file formats and variousother ideas  to actually give us a useful part, not "STL graphics". What I am trying to do is dimensionthese faces if not actually separate them into usefulparts/features. This apparently is impossible for those that cannotimagine it happening. We are trying to make it work  but needuseful ideas and experience. If anyone is interested, please, donot hesitate to write. This project is becoming incrediblyinteresting and it's future applications are virtually unlimited.Thanks.
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