Shan Lentine

Wire seals, terminals, and plug insertion and documentation

Discussion created by Shan Lentine on Sep 20, 2007
I am currently having a problem with Routing.  I am unsure ifis my technique that is at fault or if it is a software limitationissue.  I believe that relation for the seals in Routing iscontained in the wire and not the connector.  Now, Iunderstand why this would be with different wire gauges and types(TXL, SXL, GXL....ect.).  What is supposed to be done whenthat wire goes between two different components that use differentseals?  Also, if the wire does go between like components, doI have to have a wire set up in the wire library for everyconnector that has a different seal?  I do not know if I ammissing something, but it looks like it cannot be done with theautomatic population.  Also, once the terminals, seals, andplugs are added, how is everyone documenting on the hard copy printwhere the specific items go?  For example, what on the printtells me that 0000-1 terminal with 0100-1 seal goes into cavity 3of connector 5 between two cavity plugs.  I know that I canmanually create tables, notes, ect.  This would be too timeconsuming and open for fat-finger and other errors.  Can it bedone automatically using reports by manipulating the dataalready in SW Routing?