Kirk Jess

Connector Back Views

Discussion created by Kirk Jess on Sep 19, 2007
Anyone have this problem. When I used to create the wiring summary, SW 05, my tables and back views of connectors would import correctly. Now when I try to do a harness, I am getting the tables but my back views are not coming in. The only differences are the versions of SW.
I do run my harness parts/blocks from a network server. But I was doing that before as well. If I move a copy of my connector 2d picture to my local directory, it brings the block in but there is no picture in the block. It is just a circle at the end of the harness line. When I edit the block, there are no entities other than the circle.
One other thing, why doesn't the table populate correctly with my wire names?
It gives me the cable type and color.
This is getting frustrating. Do I have to run routing locally now??