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Assembly Testing

Question asked by Matthw Wendlr on Sep 19, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2007 by genexxer genexxer
Ok guys I have been gaining some valuable knowledge in the otherparts of this forum, now it is time to actually run some testing. As you can see below, I have a pro-modified drag race carrear end.  My company makes these and we would like to putsome numbers to it.  Basically what I need to do is run Cosmosas if a 4-link were hooked to it.  So I need to roughly breakdown 14,000 lb/ft after multiplication among the 4 differentbars, 2 push and 2 pull on the front and back of the 4-link holes. 

It says that to run Cosmos on an assembly you have to run itthrough physical simulation, I am not really sure how I would dothat or if I really need to considering it isn't moving itself. I am looking for any insight you can give me to run anassembly in Cosmos selecting just the 4 holes in the 4-linkbrackets.
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