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    PDMWEnt & MatrixOne PLM

      Hey all,
      Just working on a bit of a big project here...is anyone out there using PDMWEnt for PDM & vaulting, and connecting it to MatrixOne PLM for purchasing, production, etc.?
      Just curious, I've been told this can be done, but can't find a living example of it.

      PS see my other post PDMWEnt vs MOne Integration
        • PDMWEnt & MatrixOne PLM
          J Garon
          Hi Dan -

          I haven't come across anyone doing a connection to MatrixOne, but, regardless of the system, the connections point is typically one of the following:

          - Direct table mapping using database connection tools (ie: SQL Server Management Studio) where tables from databases on one system can be presented as lists in the other system.
          - XML tranfer files created directly from workflow events to a spool folder that is 'listened' to by both systems.
          - Direct API interface.

          The key is that there is a robust toolset that is being utilized for all sorts of tasks.

          I would recommend speaking with Razorleaf (www.razorleaf.com) or Inflow (www.inflow-tech.com) or Barry-Wehmiller (www.bwir.com) or xLM Solutions (www.xlmsolutions.com)
          These are US system integrators who have a lot of experience with these types of interfaces.

          Good luck,