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Decals print WO Photoworks loaded

Discussion created by John Burrill on Sep 18, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2007 by 1-9C36HC
I kind of discovered it by accident. I use decals pretty extensively for our silkscreen graphics, stickers and the like. And, until recently, I always loaded the Photoworks plug-in. This got to be a real show-stopper when I was working on a 30-page drawing, because by the time Photoworks loaded and resolved all of the decals, there was no RAM left for the drawing to print or save.
Well, by accident, I exported that same 30-page drwaing to PDF and despite the fact that the decals didn't show in any of the views, they were displayed perfectly in the PDF. This has since saved me time loading and saving large drawings and improved my success rates for both.
If this is as-intended behavior then props to the Photworks development team. If this is broken, please don't fix it.