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    Thermal Expansion Insight needed

    Cory King
      My Company is looking at using SolidWorks to do our piping designs for steam and condensate. We are also looking at Cosmos for the Thermal Expansion Stress Analysis of these piping designs. Can anyone give me some insight or information on using Cosmos for this? I am planning to use the Weldments to design these piping layouts. NOT the routing package. Our typical design standards are 150# pressure. Schd 40 Malleable iron piping. Typically 150# Flanges, etc...
        • Thermal Expansion Insight needed
          Pete Yodis
          Any reasons why you will be using weldments to design the routed piping, rather than the routing module? Just curious.

            • Thermal Expansion Insight needed
              Cory King
              Thanks for your reply Peter, I will be glad to elaborate.

              1.) we currently do not have the Premum package. Therefore, no Routing or Cosmos, yet. Currently, I am using Weldments to create piping that is part of my current module designs. This is quick and robust with little effort. I have a demo of the routing planned with my VAR but I have discussed my current method with an App Engineer and he has agreed that the Weldments seems Logical.

              2nd, I have inquired with a few different resources about the Routing package. All of the feedback I have received has been negative. i have been told the Routing is finicky, cumbersome, a pain in the @$$, etc...

              3rd, I have created models of most of my standard piping components. Flanges, elbows, tees, etc.... I am using these in my current designs. I dont know if these are usable with the Routing and I dont want to manage 2 sets of components.

              I haven't ruled out the Routing package. If we purchase premium for Cosmos then I will have Routing as well. Therefore, their is no added cost. I just basically dont know enough about the routing and I havent seen or heard anything good about it.

              If you have any info along these lines or examples to share I would appreciate it.