Vlad Munteanu

Blocks and PDMWorks Issue

Discussion created by Vlad Munteanu on Sep 17, 2007
Hello,I seem to be having some problems with blocks and PDMWorks.We have a library of blocks that was created over the past fewyears. When a block from there is inserted into a drawing, theblock does not require to be checked into the vault. But any newblocks that I create (Make block, save block to disk) when insertedinto a drawing, they require to be checked into the vault (iconPDMWorks uses is attached to this post). Am I missing something? Itried every possible combination - saving into the library,inserting it into an empty view on a drawing, linking it to a filebut I still get the same result - the block needs to be checkedinto the vault. Has anyone ever ran into something like this andmay have any leads on how to save blocks in such a manner that theydo not need to be checked into the vault? Thank you in advance,Vlad