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"wrong hostid on SERVER line" error message

Question asked by Dan Reid on Sep 14, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2008 by Dan Reid
Every 10 days or so, the license server service will stop and theselines will show up in the log: (SW_D) Wrong hostid on SERVER linefor license file: (SW_D) C:\Program Files\SolidWorks SolidNetWorkLicense Manager\licenses\sw_d.lic (SW_D) SERVER line saysFLEXID=###, hostid is FLEXID=### [Dan: where ### are identicalstrings) (SW_D) Invalid hostid on SERVER line (SW_D) Disabling 3licenses from feature dwgeditor (SW_D) Disabling 1 license fromfeature solidworks (SW_D) Disabling 1 license from featureswofficepro (SW_D) No valid hostids, exiting (lmgrd) Please correctproblem and restart daemonsAnd when I restart the service, itstarts up just fine and runs okay for another couple weeks.TheSERVER line in my license file reads: SERVER solidworks FLEXID=###25734I found one instance of this stoppage where it happened a fewminutes after McAfee VirusScan autoupdated, so I thought maybe theanti-virus software could be causing this, but the timestamps onthe other instances aren't very close to when the autoupdate runs.There's nothing in the XP event logs that correspond in time to thestoppages.Any ideas?