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description of SolidWorks UI icons and graphics

Question asked by Rhyc Sandberg on Sep 13, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2008 by Jorn Bjarning

I was looking for something like a legend or some other singlelocation that would show all of the different icons and graphicsymbols from the SolidWorks user interface.


For instance, I received an assembly from our overseas officeand one of the configurations has an icon I haven't ever seenbefore - a plus sign with the green down arrow just before the nameof the config.


Anyone know what this means?


It would REALLY be nice if there was a location in Helpto reference all graphics like this in the interface.






P.S. I was going to paste a small image of the icon into thismessage, but the message editor for this forum seems to reallybehave odd for me. I'm fairly new to this forum so perhaps I'mmissing something, but whenever I try to type into the messageeditor, it seems to copy previous text with following keystrokes. Ihave been typing up messages in a word processor and then doing acopy/paste to get the message into the editor. Which seems to workuntil I tried copying a message with a small graphic - whichduplicated text again. Any suggestions?