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miter flange

Question asked by susan kennedy on Sep 13, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2007 by susan kennedy
Good morning. I am creating a flash tray using a miter flange. Itis working out pretty well except for one thing of course. From the center of my radius corner to the end of the side Iam creating with the miter flange is 1.3438 and that is what it issuppose to be, except that is using a 90 degree bend. I am to add 9degrees to that bend. Now it is showing 1.418 as my dimension fromradius center to end. Does anyone know an equation to use so I willknow how much shorter to make my side to compensate for the angle,so I end up with the correct length side, which is the 1.3438. Hopethis is clear. I am really struggling.