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Fully constrained splines

Question asked by Rhyc Sandberg on Sep 12, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2007 by Charles Culp


I'm using more spline curves these days in sketches. What I'venoticed is that they are more difficult to fully constrain than theusual suspects (lines, arcs, etc.). I'm wondering if this is reallysomething to be concerned about or not?

I've been taught since my earliest SolidWorks training days(from VARs using the SolidWorks training manuals) that we wantfully constrained sketches. But what are the consequences ofleaving a spline that isn't fully constrained? And is theretechnique to it? For instance, can we reasonably leave some splinepoints undimensioned in the middle of the spline somewhere as longas the end points are dimensioned/merged/coincident/tangent/etc.constrained?

By the way - I am 'constrained' to using SW 2006 until our headoffice in Japan upgrades.


Rhyc Sandberg