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Dell Precision 490 workstation

Question asked by Jeff Hamilton on Sep 12, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2007 by Devon Sowell


Has anyone had issues with the Dell Precision 490 workstations?We have just received 3 new stations and found odd behavior in allthree. Namely things like SW toolbars not loading up the same eachtime Solidworks is started, dual monitors displaying the exact samescreen on both sides and installed programs not loading on startup.One of which is my Space Pilot. The mouse which came with theworkstations would also not work with either Solidworks or ProE. Wehad to switch back to the old mouse to get it to work.


Jeff Hamilton

Bristol Compressors

Dell Precision 490 workstation

Windows XP Professional

1.86 ghz, 3 gb ram

Quadro FX 3500 w/256mb ram