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    Geo files

    Mike Van Brunt
      I want to know how to create a geo file from a large FEA model thatwas created in Geostar.  I am a CosmosM user and would like atutorial or an outline that descibes the steps to create a geo filefrom a CosmosM database.

        • Geo files
          Paul McGrath
          Think of geo file more as a script file, or an automated wayto issue a command. You will have to build the model from theground up, one command at a time.

          When you create models in geostar it is often handy to save sessionfiles (date the file name) after each session.  You havea *.ses file documenting all the commands that were issued to buildthat model. This can be edited (any text editor), merged, into asingle file. Change this file into a geo file by changing theextension. To recreate the model you would then load the geo fileand geostar will build the model using one command at a time.

          If the model exists the only thing you can do is alter the modelusing geo files. Can't really rebuild it.

          Hope this helps.