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Updating and maintenance on assemblies in PDMWW.

Question asked by 1-5MPX2J on Sep 11, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2007 by Bill Hagen
Hi All,

We are happily using PDMWorks Workgroup. Now, this works fine when you don't have multiply configurations or excessive product variants. But since we are using SW to generate BOM's from top level and down, we are forced to update assemblies and subassemblies all the way up through all assembly levels, where the updated part are included.

Since we have very inventive sales men, we now face several assemblies where subassemblies or parts need updating in order to keep our BOM's updated.

How do you handle this?

Doing a 10miniute part modification/update results in 2days of assembly maintenance, meaning you have to check out and back in a assembly and drawing...

Can PDMW Enterprise do this automatically? How do you cope with this in you're company?

Hope I made my self clear...